2.14.19 Minutes


The Boston conference is next weekend from the 22nd-23rd and it seems like we have the maximum amount of people who can occupy our Airbnb as of today which is really exciting!

If you missed out on the Boston conference don’t forget that the Temple conference is March 22nd-23rd. We will have more information coming out about that conference as the date approaches. If anyone is interested please feel free to let me or any of the other Eboard members know.


Just a reminder that the “Fresh Prints” $2,000 scholarship deadline is February 28th which is two weeks from today. I strongly recommend everyone who is eligible to apply for it because who would say no to free money? I’ll provide the link for the scholarship at the bottom of this email for everyone’s convenience. Keep in mind there will be more scholarship opportunities to come before the semester is over!


A reminder that March 1st is the deadline to pay dues. $65 total and you can pay cash or check. Please make sure that if you’re paying with check that you have two separate checks. One made out to PRSSA for $55 and the other check made out to SAA for $10. You can also pay Hannah your due money via Venmo (@HanLegg). If you pay via Venmo please make two separate transactions just like you would if you were paying via check. Also please contact Hannah if you’re paying through Venmo so she can make sure your transaction went through to her account. If you are paying via cash or check you can give your money to our treasurer Destiny Ramos (dramos4@live.esu.edu).


We are doing another Krispy Kreme fundraiser this semester and I gave out the order forms in the meeting. If you need more forms feel free to contact me because I still have plenty of extra copies. The due date for the Krispy Kreme order forms is the meeting on Tuesday March 5th. We are aiming for 100 boxes to be sold again this semester so tell all of your friends, family members, acquaintances, or even random people because who doesn’t love donuts? The donuts will be picked up on Friday March 8th which is the last day before spring break!

Alumni Speakers

Next Tuesday (2/19) we have our first Alumni speaker call via Skype with Jessica Haasz at 2:30 during our regular Tuesday meetings at 2:15. Please try not to be late because we don’t want people walking in the room while the Skype call is going on. This will be a very informative Skype call because we have the opportunity to ask questions and find out information from a professional who was literally in the same position we are all currently in. If you can’t make Tuesday’s meeting we will be trying to record the call so everyone doesn’t miss out. Dana also sent out a Doodle poll to set up a date in April with Robert Regan so he can visit us in person so, if you haven’t already filled it out already please do. That way we can provide him with a set date to come visit in advance.


CAB is looking to collaborate with us for an event that they want to run towards the end of the semester. They want to do a “glow rave” in the quad and are aiming for 500 students to participate in it. They want us to help them with PR for the event. If anyone wants to spearhead this operation let anyone on the Eboard know. It’s a great opportunity to apply teachings learned in the classroom to the real world!

On March 5th the Communication Department Chair Rob Mckenzie is hosting a very special guest speaker at 6 pm in Abeloff (doors open at 5 pm). The speaker will be the CEO of the top retailer of medical marijuana in PA Chris Visco “The Queen of Cannabis”. He wants us to come up ideas for the presentation like decorations or slogans. Social media ideas are also welcome to help advertise the event. If anyone comes up with any ideas please feel free to contact Eboard members or speak up during our next meeting.

Next Thursday (2/21) we are going to have a club bonding night starting at 7 pm at Skylanes here in East Stroudsburg! This will be a casual club bonding experience that will help us all get to know each other more! If you have kids you’re more than welcome to bring them along as well. We also had an idea of utilizing Stony Acres for a bonding day or possibly an entire weekend trip later in the semester. If anyone else has any more club bonding ideas let Eboard members know or feel free to mention it in a future meeting.

If anyone else is interested in the telephone auction in April let an Eboard member know so we can add you to the list of interested members. For new members, please refer to the past email titled Meeting Notes for Jan. 22nd for the general information surrounding that event.

Please help support our amazing Bateman Competition team by following them on Instagram:@diversityisdueatesu

If anyone isn’t in the GroupMe chat please let Hannah know so she can add you. Also if you aren’t registered with the club on Warriorlink please do that so we can have an updated roster on there. We want to start updating our WarriorLink page with new pictures and information. If you have any trouble or are unsure of what to do I’ll be happy to help you out.

Scholarship Link: https://apply.freshprints.com/scholarship6/?source=oldclub

That concludes the notes from today’s meeting. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I look forward to a fun and exciting week next week!


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