2.5.19 Meeting Minutes


Below are the meeting notes from today’s meeting. I tried making them more organized this time around.

First off I would like to send out congratulations to our new social media coordinator Tia Toppin!


In terms of conferences we unfortunately missed the deadline for the Penn State conference this weekend because of the terrible weather last week. There is however a conference going on in Boston from February 22nd to the 23rd as well as the conference at Temple in March from the 22nd to the 23rd. Please let any of the Eboard members know if you’re interested in either of these conferences. We will be giving more information on how many people we can send to these conferences as more of our remaining budget information is made available.


March 1st dues are due for the club. It’s $65 total and you can pay via cash or check. If you’re paying via check they must be two separate checks. One made out for $55 to PRSSA and $10 made out to SAA.  Whenever you get your due money you can give it to Destiny (dramos4@live.esu.edu) either at a regular meeting or by meeting with her at a convenient time.


There are a bunch of scholarships being offered this semester for PR students. One of which is the “Fresh Prints” scholarship for $2,000. The deadline for this scholarship is Feb 28th and it is super easy to sign up for. All you have to do is fill out a simple application and the winner will be announced two weeks later after the deadline. Cem also mentioned a few scholarship opportunities that he is aware of right now so if you’re interested in potentially winning free money contact him for more details (czeytinoglu@esu.edu). Of course as more scholarship opportunities are discovered we will make sure to discuss them later down the line this semester.

Skype calls/Alumni visits

As we have mentioned in earlier meetings we have some Alumni visits/Skype calls to look forward to this semester. One of which officially has a set date. On Tuesday February 19 we will be having a Skype call with Jessica Haasz who is a marketing communications expert from Penn State University. In April Robert Regan who is a Senior Enterprise Publisher Account Manager at Taboola will be available to come speak with us, so look out for another Doodle poll email from Dana later this week to set a date for his visit. Another speaker we have is Christina Fonseca who was the 1st ever SAA recognized ESU PRSSA chapter president! However due to her busy schedule she will only be available during the 1:00 pm hour any weekday so we will be trying to figure out a date to set up a Skype call with her as the semester moves forward.


Our amazing Bateman competition team have some dates set for events that they will be hosting. They have a couple of speakers coming this semester and they will be open to anyone. Those speaker dates are

Monday February 18th, the following Monday the 25th and March 4th (basically three consecutive Mondays). On March 6th, the Bateman team will also be hosting a coffehouse event. Once the team is allowed to officially start marketing their events to the public more information will be given out, but let’s try to support them through all of their hard work. I know the team would greatly appreciate the support.


The group vote for T-shirts were black long sleeve shirts with the PRSSA logo on the top left corner.

Bar Crawl

For any of the members who are currently 21 or will be 21 by the time of the bar crawl a date has been set. It will be the Thursday before finals week which is May 2nd.


If anyone else is interested in the telephone auction in April let an Eboard member know so we can add you to the list of interested members.


Hannah has taken it upon herself to take charge of the fundraiser this semester and she decided to do another Krispy Kreme fundraiser. We are aiming for the pick up date to be March 7 which will be right before spring break and we should be providing Krispy Kreme order forms at next week’s meeting so everyone can start selling donuts.


Also I finished the group calendar and will be updating it as more events get official set dates so please utilize it in case you don’t remember when a conference is etc.

Wrap up

That’s everything that was discussed at today’s meeting, but anyone who missed the meeting feel free to come to the make-up meeting Thursday at 2:30 in Monroe 113.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me or anyone on the Eboard. I hope everyone has a great week!

Shane Hamar


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