New E-Board 2018

President- Rachel Nappo

Vice President- Laura Null

Treasurer- Dominique Kresge

Historian- Pedro Zayas

Warrior Relations Correspondent- Emily Barth

Secretary- Lauren Levy

Social Media Coordinator- Brooke Bostic


Meeting Minutes February 2016

February 2, 2016

Meeting Started at 3:03 PM

  • New PRSSA Students
    • Dues deadline 2/16 $60
      • $50 for PRSSA
      • $10 for ESU
  • 2016 Hofstra PRSSA Conference in Long Island
    • March 18-19
    • Additional $20 needed for costs
  • Fundraising
    • Gertrude Hawk Candy Bar Fundraising Program
    • $1 candy bars
  • Blood Drive volunteer Monday, 2/22 10:30 AM-4:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned at 3:46 PM

February 9, 2016

Meeting Started at 3:07 PM

  • New PRSSA Students
    • Dues deadline Next Week (2/16) $60
      • $50 for PRSSA
      • $10 for ESU
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
    • inform members to keep time slots open for that assigned time and day
  • Hofstra National PRSSA Conference March 18-19(Begins at 3PM)
    • $20 due on February 23rd
    • Count the amount of interested members (14)
    •   Decide possible transportation options
  • Client Red Cross Telethon
    • Brainstorm ideas in ways to raise $500 for natural disaster victims
    • Possible ideas: sell popcorn, cardboard box derby (Camelback, Shawnee)
  • Clarify Warrior Relations
  • Play and discuss a case study game

Meeting Adjourned  at 3:50 PM

February 16, 2016

Meeting Started at 3:00 PM

  • Guest Speakers
    •        Former PRSSA Vice President Brendon Abazzio
      • Works at PMC
      • Gave members insights about real-world job experiences
    •     Dr. Hardy
      • Brainstorm ways to promote a green campaign #unplugged
  • Distribute Gertrude Hawk Chocolate to members to fundraise money for National Conference
  • $20 Hofstra National Conference money is due next week
  • Establish Red Cross Blood Drive times for Monday February 22

Meeting Adjourned at 3:55 PM

ESU’s PRSSA Attends the PRSSA 2014 National Conference


Contact: Tina Hennessey

ESU’s PRSSA Attends the PRSSA 2014 National Conference

East Stroudsburg, PA, October 10, 2014 – Every year the Public Relations Student Society of America National Committee and Conference Committee hold a PRSSA National Conference in a city of their choice. This year, the city was Washington, D.C., the center of our country’s political system. At these conferences, PRSSA chapters from universities across the nation attend to network, discuss current day topics within the public relations field, and share award-winning research results. With professionals as hosts and deliverers of keynote speeches, the conference allows for an endless amount of opportunities to gain knowledge necessary to make for a formidable club and a successful you.
This year Tina Hennessey, ESU’s PRSSA President, and Brendon Abbazio, ESU’s PRSSA Vice President were able to attend and represent their school at the conference. The conference had a pre-schedules itinerary with all kinds of speeches, workshops, events, and sessions to choose from. The conference was held from October 10 – October 14. Tina and Brendon were only able to stay from the 10th to the 12th, but they made the best of the short stay and gained priceless insight from speakers such as Vanessa French, President and Founder of Pivot Point Communications, and Pam Jenkins, President of Powell Tate. Networking in between the functions allowed for strong connections among PRSSA chapters and resulted in gathering helpful tips that other clubs use to run their student-ran firms as well as providing some of their own tips. Between the invaluable knowledge gained and the exploration of one of our country’s most monumental cities, the PRSSA 2014 National Conference turned out to be not only a vital career decision to partake in, but an experience to last a lifetime.

PRSSA attends PRSA New York’s 2014 Ethics Mock Tribunal


Contact: Tina Hennessey

PRSSA attends PRSA New York’s 2014 Ethics Mock Tribunal

NEW YORK, NEW YORK September 20, 2014. – East Stroudsburg University’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter took part in PRSA New York’s 2014 Ethics Mock Tribunal on September 8. September is recognized by PRSA as ethics month, an opportunity for chapters to inform members through developed programs. The trial was designed to spark conversation about ethical conduct of practicing professionals and address criticism against public relations. Held at the SUNY Global Center in midtown, the sold out event provided an energetic debate by putting public relations on trial. The panel of participants included a variety of CEO’s, journalists, and ethics professionals. The event was an excellent experience for PRSSA members to interact with public relations professionals and learn about the important role of ethics in various companies and public relations work.