11/16/2021 Meeting Minutes

During this meeting, PRSSA had an alumni speaker, Katie Johnstone speak to students.

2 pm – Katie Johnstone joined Zoom and we welcomed her.

  • She spoke about the marketing tactic she uses
  • The university colors changed
  • She manages all social medias for the University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Pittsburgh instagram has over 800,000 followers
  • She discussed how her and her team handle crisis management, creating content, and managing content
  • She spoke about how the pandemic affected her job and how she adapted

Johnstone’s ESU Experience

  • Worked in University Relations, Stroud Courrier
  • First generation student, graduated in 2013 with double degree in English and Communication
  • Worked with Brenda Friday

We ended the meeting with some questions.

This meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm.


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