11/02/2021 Meeting Minutes

2 pm –

  • Linkedn Workshop December 1, 2021 5-7
  • Social media must spread the word
  • Campus SAA can promote the workshop
  • University Relations can as well
  • A possible partnership with the Campus Activity Board for the Linkedn Workshop?

2:05 pm –

  • How can we print flyers?
  • Table in the union that says “Happy Finals Week”
  • Maybe stickers can be given out, or cookies?

2:12 pm –

  • Caption Contest for PRSSA
  • There are also scholarship opportunities listed on the PRSSA website

2:26 pm – Treasurer Plans

  • Discussion on budgeting

2:30 pm –

  • Warrior Relations ideas
  • Any ideas any members have?

2:35 pm – Meeting was adjourned.


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