10/19/2021 Meeting Minutes and Valentina Caval Alumni Speaker

2:00 – We started the zoom with ESU alumni, Valentina Caval.

  • She graduated in 2014 from East Stroudsburg University
  • She worked in the University Relations after graduating at ESU
  • Then went on to study at Columbia for production and film
  • Was hired by HBO where she was the Sports Associate producer
  • She then was hired by Yahoo Finance where she managed and ran 4 hours of financial news. (9 am – 1 pm.)

Some questions and answers:

  • What helped you? What reccomendations do you have for students?
  • – PRSSA and the Stroud Courrier helped me gain the confidence you need for a real job.

Is graduate school necessary?

  • Graduate school is necessary if you want help in a specific skill

What do you believe is important to include on Linkedn?

  • Just make sure it is always up to date

What do you believe are successful traits in interns?

  • Being confident
  • Talking in meetings

2:50 pm – Meeting was adjourned.


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