2.19.19 Minutes

Weekly Minutes (2)

Skype Call 

FYI: This section is fairly long but it contains important and valuable information that can really benefit you! 

The Skype call with Jessica Haasz went extremely well and it was very informative as well. For those who missed out she talked about her time here at ESU and how everything that she did here helped her to succeed on her current career path. Some recommendations she gave us all were to do internships and to take up a minor. A minor will always give you more knowledge in another field that can potentially be applied to your major related field. Jessica’s internship helped her gain valuable experience and great networking opportunities. She was able to get her current job through her old boss from her internship because he just so happened to know her current boss. That goes to show the power of networking. You never know who other people may possibly know and how they can benefit you in the future. So please try to cherish every relationship you currently have and the ones you will make in the future. Those relationships will create a network of people that will be more than happy to help you out in the future! While we are all still in school we should all be making the best of this club and our education here at ESU. None of this should be taken for granted because it all helps us to grow as people and to eventually become successful working professionals. Another recommendation Jessica gave us for post graduation after landing a job is being comfortable to take on any role within your company. Some examples are being an event planner, a speech writer, or writing press releases. These are things we all should be getting experience doing while we are still in college. It’s better to find out your strengths now rather than later. Being capable of doing any of these types of jobs effectively makes you look better in the organization and will help you to succeed in your career especially when you’re just starting out. Jessica also mentioned the importance of being up to date with the latest trends and news because it will keep you informed. It will also lead to you being able to better collaborate effectively with others especially if they are your coworkers. Just knowing a little bit of everything can help you connect with other people in some type of way which will lead to more effective communication in the long run. Another important topic she discussed was the importance of social media because of it’s ever growing presence in people’s lives. Every organization basically needs social media now and will only keep growing as an important business tool moving into the future. Knowing how to deliver effective messages via social media and knowing what to post and when to do so are also important skills to have as we head towards an ever advancing technological future. For those who are approaching graduation within the coming months or year Jessica recommends applying to jobs before graduation within your last semester in order to potentially land a job right out of graduation. She said it’s also important to keep your head up and not to worry about getting rejected because it’s probably going to happen, but any place that turns you down just wasn’t where you were meant to be. Graduate school is also a great option to undertake according to Jessica but don’t feel that you have to go straight to graduate school after graduating with your bachelor’s. Sometimes it may take actual work experience to figure out exactly what you want to get your master’s degree in and that’s a great route to take as well. All in all getting advice from someone who was literally in the same position we are all in was super useful and insightful. I truly hope I was able to relay that information effectively to everyone who wasn’t able to attend the Skype call at today’s meeting because not many people have opportunities like we do to talk to alumni like this. I really hope everyone was able to take something valuable away from this!

While on the topic of alumni we still have another upcoming alumni visit to look forward to! As it currently stands it looks like April 2nd will be the day Robert Regan will come to speak to the club, but it’s not a guarantee yet so if you haven’t filled out the Doodle poll Dana sent out about choosing a day for his visit please do so.


The Boston Conference is this weekend and I know this group is really excited about it! By now I’m sure you’re all aware that the upcoming Temple PRSSA Conference is on March 22nd. The Boston group will definitely be talking about each of their experiences at that conference during next week’s meeting which may motivate some of you to go to the Temple one! Any members potentially interested please speak up to Eboard members or at the next upcoming meetings because it’s quickly approaching (it’s basically a month away!).


Reminder about the “Fresh Prints” scholarship for $2,000. The deadline is next Thursday (2/28)!!!


A reminder that March 1st is the deadline to pay dues. $65 total and you can pay cash or check. Please make sure that if you’re paying with check that you have two separate checks. One made out to PRSSA for $55 and the other check made out to SAA for $10. You can also pay Hannah your due money via Venmo (@HanLegg). If you pay via Venmo please make two separate transactions just like you would if you were paying via check. Also please contact Hannah (hlegg@live.esu.edu) if you’re paying through Venmo so she can make sure your transaction went through to her account. If you are paying via cash or check you can give your money to our treasurer Destiny Ramos (dramos4@live.esu.edu).


If anyone has any problems or concerns concerning the fundraiser contact me or Hannah. If you need more forms just let me know and I can meet up with you with more forms. Reminder that our goal is 100 boxes!

Bateman Competition

Let’s all keep trying to support our amazing Bateman competition team this upcoming Monday (2/25) when they host another speaker in Monroe 116 at 7 pm. The speaker will be Dr. Adams from the Political Science department here at ESU speaking about how she sees diversity on our campus. She also will be addressing some problems she currently sees and wants to change concerning diversity on our campus.


The CAB event involving the rave on the quad can be a good opportunity for some of us to get experience planning an event. Cem had an idea of creating a possible committee to head front the event and Brian spoke up about possibly taking the leadership role for this committee. If you’re interested please speak up to the Eboard or at another meeting.

We still have to come up with more ideas for Professor Mckenzie’s upcoming speaker on March 5th. An idea was thrown out about our group running a social media campaign for the event. If anyone has any PR ideas or slogans for this event please speak up and let the Eboard know! I’ll give a brief recap of this event to help get the ideas flowing in all of you. On March 5th at 6 pm in Abeloff (doors open at 5 pm) the CEO of the top retailer of medical marijuana in PA Chris Visco “The Queen of Cannabis” will be talking about this controversial topic and her personal experience in this field.

Don’t forget club bonding is at Skylanes in East Stroudsburg this Thursday night at 7 pm! If anyone will require a ride contact Dana or Hannah and they will be happy to give you a ride there.

If you aren’t registered with the club on Warriorlink can you please do that ASAP so the roster can be fully up to date. We currently have 19 people out of the 25 people I have in this email group, so please register and if you need help feel free to ask me for help.

In Conclusion…

That’s basically all that was covered in today’s meeting. The Skype call with Jessica was the main new item that we talked about, but everything else is still important even if it may seem like rehashed material. Hopefully Jessica’s advice and recommendations helped motivate everyone to be more involved and active as a student here at ESU. As always if you couldn’t make today’s meeting feel free to attend Thursday’s makeup meeting at 2 pm in Monroe 113.


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