PRSSA teams up with The Monroe Historical Society and The Stroud Mansion


Contact: Tina Hennessey

PRSSA teams up with The Monroe Historical Society and The Stroud Mansion

August 30, 2014 (Stroudsburg, PA) – The Monroe Historical Society along with The Stroud Mansion had teamed up with East Stroudsburg University’s PRSSA to help advocate their annual participation in the yearly Stroud Fest located on Main Street.

The PRSSA lended their strong community networks along with their advertising and marketing abilities to help accomplish The Stroud Mansion’s battle this year with being disconnected from the fest. Being located on 9th St. & Main while the fest took place from 7th & Main to farther down, the Stroud Mansion and PRSSA successfully gained attention and gathered a wonderful crowd filled with adults and children to see all of the pre-modern exhibits they held. The exhibits consisted of topics varying from a seed planting demonstration all the way to live folk music.

The two Stroudsburg-based committees were more than happy to relish in their success and there will be many more project to flourish from this community-bound relationship.


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