United Way and PRSSA Join Forces

For Immediate Release:

United Way and PRSSA Join Forces

East Stroudsburg, PA – December 2, 2013 – On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Mathilda Sheptak, the Executive Director at the United Way of Monroe County visited PRSSA. This was Ms. Sheptak’s second time attending a PRSSA meeting. During her visit, she updated members on new internship and volunteer opportunities and allowed members to watch and read promotional materials for some of the organization’s upcoming campaigns. Ms. Sheptak was receptive and appreciative of the comments feedback from PRSSA. The meeting was mutually beneficial, as it enabled the United Way of Monroe County and PRSSA to identify ways that they can help each other and the community as a whole. PRSSA looks forward to its continued partnership with the United Way and plans to spearhead some of its projects in upcoming semesters.

For more information, please contact Avery Gardner (adg2130@live.esu.edu).


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