United Way and PRSSA Join Forces

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United Way and PRSSA Join Forces

East Stroudsburg, PA – December 2, 2013 – On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Mathilda Sheptak, the Executive Director at the United Way of Monroe County visited PRSSA. This was Ms. Sheptak’s second time attending a PRSSA meeting. During her visit, she updated members on new internship and volunteer opportunities and allowed members to watch and read promotional materials for some of the organization’s upcoming campaigns. Ms. Sheptak was receptive and appreciative of the comments feedback from PRSSA. The meeting was mutually beneficial, as it enabled the United Way of Monroe County and PRSSA to identify ways that they can help each other and the community as a whole. PRSSA looks forward to its continued partnership with the United Way and plans to spearhead some of its projects in upcoming semesters.

For more information, please contact Avery Gardner (adg2130@live.esu.edu).


PRSSA Attends Student Senate Workshop

On Wednesday September 26th at 7:00 in the Student Union, Student Senate held a workshop for all student organization executive board meetings.  The Public Relations Student Society of American had two representatives participate in this workshop, Karianna Simpkins, Treasurer and Sean Ann Kelly, President for the 2012-13 year.

In the presidents meeting there were representatives from about 35 student organizations sitting in Senate Chambers.  Each president was presented a worksheet to fill out that would help guide discussion.  Questions on the worksheet included questions about why each person ran for president, asked them to describe what kind of president they are, and asked what each president wants their legacy to be. The meeting was run by Student Senate President Lauren Zirkelback.

In this meeting each of the three questions was open to discussion and all organizations had the opportunity to share positive and negative aspects of their membership.  Situations such as gaining members, receiving dues, and keeping members interested were topics that were highlighted.  Representatives from the Criminal Justice Club, the Art Club and the Rugby team expressed that their organizations are doing quite well with their new executive boards. However, the Gaming Club talked about their recent difficulties with membership.  This open forum allowed each president to ask questions and interact with each other and offer some advice on how to improve organization flow.

With 30 members this semester, PRSSA was very well represented and this workshop has helped to improve the organization of meetings as well as assigning responsibility to others throughout the organization.  Student Senate’s workshop worked in favor of PRSSA considering this national organization is new to East Stroudsburg University.  The knowledge gained from other students was very beneficial to our new group and hopefully the input that our members have shared will benefit other organizations.  PRSSA will continue to participate in workshops like this well into the future.


Workshop To Build Resumes

PRSSA held their first workshop of the school year at their allotted meeting time.  Chris Landino of ESU’s Career Services met with the members to discuss building and perfecting their resume.  Landino discussed the differences between an effective resume and a ineffective resume.

  Another topic discussed was the proper etiquette for a good interview.  Landino also talked about what to wear, how to present oneself, and even the proper way to shake someone’s hand while on an interview.  A sample resume was given to members and Landino was open to answering any questions the students might have.