Meeting Minutes November 2016

November 8, 2016

Meeting started at 3:00 p.m.

  • Welcome and General Announcements
    • Kelley has uploaded our past agendas and important documents into WarriorLink. For past agendas visit the “Missed a Meeting? Check here” folder.
    • Students were asked to mark if they were graduating on the sign-in sheet
    • Elections for VP of PR will be November 15
    • Last meeting of the fall semester will be December 6
  • PR and Election 2016
  • Involvement Opportunities
    • Infographic Competition
    • Salvation Army
      • This Saturday November, 12: 12-4
      • Dunkelberger’s on Main St.
      • Google doc sign up Google doc sign up
    • Twitter chat
      • Next Wednesday: November 16
      • 9 p.m.
      • Theme: writing
      • See last years (google PRSSA Twitter Chat Recap Writing and view the one from 2015)
  • Closing Statements
    • Please make sure if you are graduating you have it marked
      • An email will be sent out to those who have let the E-board know about their graduation
    • Sign up for a time to volunteer at Salvation Army
      • Google doc was sent in email
      • Can also access through WarriorLink
      • If you know you can help, stay after and sign up for shift
    • Next meeting will be VP of PR elections
    • Calendar – all updates will be completed by end of Thanksgiving break
      • Will update the Fall one
      • Spring one will be posted as well

Meeting adjourned 3:37


November 15, 2016

Meeting started at 3:03 p.m.

  • Welcome and General Announcements
    • Thank you to everyone that volunteered this past Saturday
    • Is there anyone that hasn’t told us that they are graduating this semester? If so, write it on the sign in sheet
  • Involvement Opportunities
  • VP of PR Election
    • 30 second – 1 minute elevator pitch of why you believe that you’re qualified for the position
    • Kaitlyn Johnson won elected. Member Amber Jadus was elected into Treasurer position
    • Read more ( Message from Chapter President Kelley Bahata)
  • PRSSA next semester
    • On another piece of paper
      • One thing you like about PRSSA
      • One thing you would like to change
      • One thing you would like for us to do in the Spring semester/future
  1. Closing Statements
    • Last call for those graduating this semester
    • Next meeting will be Dec. 6, holiday party!!
      • Bring a friend 🙂

Meeting Adjourned 3:27 p.m.


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